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Oxide is now broadcasting 24/7.

Tune in to get a flavour of what oxide has to offer or head to our shows page to catch up on what you've missed.

Welcome to Oxide Radio

Oxford University's only student radio station. 

Oxide Radio is a student-run radio station which plays out through the Internet. We feature a wide range of different shows that broadcast throughout the Oxford term: music shows of all genres, from indie tracks to Nordic tunes; chat shows featuring student agony aunts, or discussing the latest celebrity news; and plenty of news and sport for good measure too, covering stories in Oxford and further afield.

Student radio is at the heart of university culture across the country and further afield, giving students the opportunity to share their passions with a global audience. We at Oxide pride ourselves on providing the platform and support to ensure that interested students can get fully involved in radio broadcasting in many ways.

Your Sound Education.