Weird and Wonderful

Tune in each week as we delve into strange and unusual stories from history, politics, nature, and beyond…

Presented by George Hadley and Daniel Beckers

Wednesday 18:30-19:00

Season 1

Episode 3: “Franklin’s lost expedition”

It’s a story you’ve probably heard of but do you really know what happened? Join us as we go on a 166 year journey to uncover what happened to Franklin and his men during their voyage to uncover the fabled Northwest Passage.

Episode 2: “Paper Towns”

Episode 2 looks at the strange world of “paper towns”, copyright traps, and the lengths mapmakers will go to in order to catch plagiarisers.

Episode 1: “Keep Calm and Carry On”

In the first episode, Daniel and George explore the story of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster, how and why it was created, and how it has reached such notoriety today.