This Be The Verse

Hosted by Maya, Rebecca, William and Julia

Sundays 18:00 - 19:00

Welcome to This Be The Verse, bringing you our favourite poems, suitably nerdy discussion of said poems, interviews with poets, YOUR SUBMISSIONS (!) and maybe even some poetry news. With a rotating group of presenters, every episode promises a slightly different flavour and possible eclecticism. 


E2: Science

William and Maya look at the life scientific as expressed through poetry, featuring work by Alicia Ostriker, Walt Whitman, Sam Sax and more.

E3: Parents

This week, Maya and Julia discuss poetry on the themes of parents from Shara Lessey, Sylvia Plath, Kaveh Akbar, Emily Berry, Jasmine Burgess and Sophie Dunsby. We talk about the importance of names, how to use a fairytale to understand yourself, and why you shouldn't look back when you're trying to escape from hell.