Season 2

Boots on the ground in New York City


In conversation with Bernard Harcourt, a law professor spearheading the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Bernard orchestrated this open-letter,
    Signed by over 2,400 American law Professors,
    and sent to the US Senate & New York Times.

  • Post-Confirmation, he moderated this panel on the Kavanaugh Question for The Eric Holder Jr. Initiative @Columbia University

We discuss the public outcry during the nomination process;
the confirmation’s impact on the #MeToo movement; and
how newly-elected Justice Kavanaugh will reshape the Supreme Court. 

12th October 2018
Columbia Law School, NYC




In the run up to the mid-terms, Terry and Yotie Coyote are still alienated from main-stream politics + have a Halloween message for Trump.

Recorded: 31st October 2018
Gourmet Deli, west 113th and St Nick’s, Harlem, NYC



President Trump faces public catastrophe à la Nixon as his crime nexus is being systematically exposed by
Across the pond, good ol’fashioned populism is thriving.

To begin, political analyst; pundit; and writer Lincoln Mitchell brings us up to speed on the progress of the Mueller Investigation into the 2016 presidential election. We go on to discuss the possible trajectories of 45’s downfall & the GOP’s role in enabling his presidency.

Nadia Urbinati - Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Professor of Political Theory at Columbia University - contextualises US political disarray with an analysis of the populism which currently ravages European democracies.

13th December 2018
SIPA, Columbia, NYC


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Paul Robeson, 1959