Season 2

“But especially the people, that’s America to me.”

Boots on the ground in New York City


In conversation with Bernard Harcourt, a law professor spearheading the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Bernard orchestrated this open-letter,
    Signed by over 2,400 American law Professors,
    and sent to the US Senate & New York Times.

  • Post-Confirmation, he moderated this panel on the Kavanaugh Question for The Eric Holder Jr. Initiative @Columbia University

We discuss the public outcry during the nomination process;
the confirmation’s impact on the #MeToo movement; and
how newly-elected Justice Kavanaugh will reshape the Supreme Court. 

12th October 2018
Columbia Law School, NYC


Terry and Yotie Coyote are alienated from main-stream politics + have a Halloween message for Trump

Recorded: 31st October 2018
Gourmet Deli, west 113th and St Nick’s


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Paul Robeson, 1959