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Your weekly dose of US news & politics.

We’ve got interviews & discussion with students, academics, and some of the big players themselves.

Condensed coverage of the stories you can’t be bothered to keep up with + Deep dives for the more perspicacious politicos out there.

“A load of fun.”

- Bob Ferguson,
Attorney General (WA)


“Very Interesting… probing questions.”

-Steven Erlanger,

NYT Chief Political Correspondent to Europe

“You’re really not listening… [ask me a question] I give a shit about …. oh for God’s sake… we’re done here.”

           -Ann Coulter,

Professional demagogue





Muttering across the pond…


Steven Erlanger and I discuss how Trump sees the world and how we glare back at him.

(Steven J. Erlanger is an American journalist who has reported from more than 120 countries. He is currently the Chief Diplomatic Correspondent for Europe for The New York Times, having moved to Brussels in August 2017 after four years as the paper's bureau chief in London)

24th January 2018,
Canal House, St Peter's College, Oxford



"You can’t tweet your way out of a problem in a federal courtroom!”

Tune in to hear me chat with certified good-guy Attorney General Bob Ferguson from Washington State.

The dude that's sued bigots of all stripes, including the President himself, continues to push back against discrimination in modern-day America and explains why he still has hope in the US judicial system.

8th May 2018
Oxide Radio Booth, Oxford



In conversation with Professor Rana Mitter (Director of Oxford's Dickson Poon China Centre) and Edward Howell (Oxford MPhil research topic: 'The state survival of North Korea').

After an abridged catch-up of US-Asian relations since the cold war, we discuss the confusing logics of Trump’s Asia policies and the prognosis for the coming denuclearisation talks with North Korea.

21st May 2018,
Oxide Radio Booth, Oxford



Dedicated to AMC, whom I should listen to more often.