Hosted by Sudhanshu Kaushik

Fridays 19:00 - 19:30

Swadeshi/Videshi is an exploration of India's political, socio-economic, and historical past and present through an insider and outsider's perspective with host Sudhanshu Kaushik as he dissects the complexities of current events occurring for young Indians and diaspora members to digest with interviews of experts while also having conversations with young Indians to gauge what India is to young Indians all over the world. 

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The artwork for the podcast was created by Saumya Pankaj. You can see her work on Behance



Episode 5 - A conversation on India's political Economy with P. Chidambaram

Join Sudhanshu as he has a candid interview with Hon'ble MP P. Chidambaram. 




Episode 4 - Democratising Art and Breaking Barriers with T.M. Krisehna

Join Sudhanshu as he has a very candid interview with Carnatic music vocalist, activist, writer and the winner of the Ramon Magsaysay award, T.M. Krishna. The interview touches on a variety of issues from Krishna's own journey from musical prodigy to activism within the Carnatic music world, BJP's right-wing narrative, Brahmanical notions, the diaspora effect, how the next generation will change and his analysis on Tamil Nadu's current political climate.


Episode 3 - Kashmir from Another Perspective 

Join Sudhanshu on the third episode of Swadeshi/Videshi which covers Kashmir, an issue that if you meet a South Asian, they'll most likely will have an opinion on it. The issue, with all its intricacies, has been debated and disputed on since independence 70 years ago. My guest Sehar Dedmari and I skip the politics and talk about her experience in working in Kashmir and her family's perspective on Kashmir. You can read her blog here:


Episode 2 - Identity and Patriarchy as an Indian-American

Join Sudhanshu as he talks to Ankita Kanakadandila on her spoken word poetry and work that reflects on identity and patriarchy as an Indian-American. 


Episode 1 - Republic Day

Join Sudhanshu as he talks to Jyotsna Mehra and Yashashwi Bagga, students at Oxford Univeristy from India about Republic Day, what it means to be Indian, and how they explain India  to others while studying abroad.