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Science Scoop

Hosted by Jonathan Stark, Nandana Syam

MONDays 19:00 - 20:00

In Science Scoop, we bring you the biggest, best, and most fascinating new stories from the science world.

In addition to science news, we also answer your questions about science on air - you can message us on facebook with any submissions.

Season 1

Episode 1: Join Nandana and Jonathan for the premier episode of Science Scoop! In this one we're talking about some brand new research into same-sex mouse babies and a story that's put the future of the ISS into doubt, as well as answering some very interesting viewer questions.

Episode 2: Nandana and Jonathan are back for another episode of Science Scoop. We discuss the pros and cons of 'in vitro' meat, when humans are likely to go to Mars, and how UK scientists and institutions are preparing for life outside the EU.

Episode 3: Jonathan and Nandana are back, once again bringing you the newest news from the science world along with answers to listener questions. We discuss the record-breaking Parker Solar Probe and pioneering new methods for tracking mood in at-risk patients, as well as taking a brief foray into the long and illustrious history of chocolate.

Episode 4: Bringing you the latest and greatest science news, including MRI scans on cosmonauts, the bizarre story of the smallest flightless bird, and the all-important question: Which scientist should go on the Bank of England £50?

Episode 5: This week we discuss the latest in research as usual - including transparent mice, and an upcoming vote to redefine the kilogram. We'll also be talking about why the appendix is useful, the concerning state of the graphene market, and thinking with your gut.


Episode 1: Science Scoop is back for its second season! We continue to bring you the most interesting and important science news, including a discussion on ageing, real live plants on the Moon, and a big discovery about why hermit crabs grow long penises.

Episode 2: Once again we're bringing you the latest and greatest in nerdy news. A big discovery shakes up our understanding of the Moon's history, further research connects sleep to Alzheimer's, the online stargazing community spots something that may never have been seen before, and more.

Episode 3: This time on Science Scoop, we talk about the first ever commercial quantum computer, what ancient pandas liked to eat, potentially game-changing new work on early diagnosis of anxiety and depression, and take a quick look at some of the shortest (and funniest) papers ever written.

Episode 4: It's a jam-packed episode this time, with a lot of insect-related stories, as well as a potential one-of-a-kind treatment to reverse brain cell loss, an ingenious pill for insulin (also one-of-a-kind) and other cracking medical advances.

Episode 5: Join Nandana and Jon as we go through interesting news stories from the world of research, including some exciting advancements in one potential diabetes treatment, a look at the mountains hidden under the Earth's crust, and some groundbreaking work on preventing blindness being done right here in Oxford!

Episode 6: It's the last episode of Science Scoop for... a while! We have some really great stories for you this time, including updates on NASA's next big Moon plan (Canada's getting involved), SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule, an extended discussion on the genetics of identical and semi-identical twins, a look into new carbon capture technology, and a treatment that could enable you to see through walls.