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Revamping Rock

Presented by Katie Damian

Saturday 15:00 - 16:00

An hour dedicated to Rock and Roll in all its kaleidoscopic forms.

Season 3

Cheer up: plain and simple, we want to make you happy. That’s why this week is all about enjoying some feel-good bangers to bring some light into your rainy life.

Girls and Boys: we’re bringing to you some bewitching tracks all under the theme of “Boys and Girls“. Doesn’t matter if they’re not that pretty or you’re not too smart, these songs will stop you feeling lonely tonight.

Sunshine vs Night-time: we’re finally getting some sunshine, so here’s a few tracks that make you see the sun. However…in case you need a little something for those dark starry nights, we’ll be matching every sunny song with something to listen to in the darkness.

Influences Part Two: that’s right, we’re back with more of the same- bringing you some sweet tunes that vibe off each other in pairs, making this theme get only better and better.

Influences: this week is about finding where songs get their inspiration, whether its a general vibe or a specific riff, we’ve discovered for your listening ears some stand-out connections in tracks across the world of Rock.

For our first episode back, we’re bringing to you songs that explore Falling. Get ready to swoon, sink, tumble, and slide down into a dreamworld, plunging yourself into a new world of rock. Fall in love with these tracks but don’t worry, the beat will always catch you again.


It’s a hard life…that’s why for the final episode of this season’s Revamping Rock we’re bringing to you the most comforting tracks with the richest sound (but prepare for a few oddballs too). Farewell for a few weeks and let these excellent tunes console you in the mean time.

For Week 6 we’re bringing to you A Gentle Crash. Featuring songs that have a tumultuous crescendo, accompanied with songs that sooth the soul. Kick back, and relish these great tracks.

Week 5, or, as it’s known in Oxford, the 5th Week Blues. In honour of this, here is: An Uplifting Sadness! We’ll be playing songs that plunge you into sadness, but don’t worry, listen to the end and we will pull you out and lift you up into good cheer!

This week is Albums Galore, bringing to you songs from albums that, as a piece of a work as a whole, deserve to go down in history, and so, deserve a spot on Revamping Rock.

For Week 3 we’re doing a Numbers Round, bringing to you all the best tracks with a number in their title: prepare for the old, the new, and everything in between, but all number one in the world of rock.

In Episode 2 we’re chatting to Flights of Helios: featuring past tracks, new acoustics, and tales of Shakespeare… Don’t miss out on the beautiful space-rock drone-folk tracks to come.

As a very warm welcome back to Revamping Rock, to kick off Season 2, we’re bringing to you all the top rock tunes featuring names in their title, enjoy.

Season 1

Rock Feel- Goods: For the final episode for a few weeks we’re going to end on a high, playing nothing but the best tracks to brighten up your day and see you through to New Year (where we’ll be back for more).

Welcome to this week’s episode, Songs That Don’t Sing, exactly what it says on the tin: instrumental tracks that found a special place in our hearts, taking a step away from the usual vocal format.

This week is all about Sweet Psychedelics, so prepare yourself to relish in the dreamy, the wavy and the weird.

For this week we’ll be Going Aussie, checking out the Rock scene in the land Down Under. Get ready for some fun, chilled and generally fab tunes in an episode dedicated to Australian bands.

Week 3’s title is Jazzy Rhythms, which means we’ll be looking at tracks with glorious tempo changes, great pace alterations, and generally any wacky rhythm that makes the song stand out from the crowd.

For Week 2 of Revamping Rock, we’ll be listening to great covers, originals made famous by covers, and covers more famous than the original, either way, it’s all about Covers Covers Covers.

This week’s theme is Breakaway Beauties, featuring songs from supergroups, solo artists and others who broke away from their original band to produce some absolute beauties.