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Revamping Rock

Presented by Katie Damian

Saturday 15:00 - 16:00

An hour dedicated to Rock and Roll in all its kaleidoscopic forms.

Season 1

This week’s theme is Breakaway Beauties, featuring songs from supergroups, solo artists and others who broke away from their original band to produce some absolute beauties.

For Week 2 of Revamping Rock, we’ll be listening to great covers, originals made famous by covers, and covers more famous than the original, either way, it’s all about Covers Covers Covers.

Week 3’s title is Jazzy Rhythms, which means we’ll be looking at tracks with glorious tempo changes, great pace alterations, and generally any wacky rhythm that makes the song stand out from the crowd.

For this week we’ll be Going Aussie, checking out the Rock scene in the land Down Under. Get ready for some fun, chilled and generally fab tunes in an episode dedicated to Australian bands.

This week is all about Sweet Psychedelics, so prepare yourself to relish in the dreamy, the wavy and the weird.

Welcome to this week’s episode, Songs That Don’t Sing, exactly what it says on the tin: instrumental tracks that found a special place in our hearts, taking a step away from the usual vocal format.

Rock Feel- Goods: For the final episode for a few weeks we’re going to end on a high, playing nothing but the best tracks to brighten up your day and see you through to New Year (where we’ll be back for more).