Recycled Air

Hosted by Thao

MoNdays 18:00 - 19:00

An hour dedicated to thematic discussions of the oddities of everyday life. Honest conversations about social justice, pop culture, independent art, & more.


Episode 01: Homecoming

Welcome to Michaelmas term, listeners! We're about to wake up this sleeping scholars community with an in-depth discussion on issues of diversity, sexism, classism, homophobia, and the like.


Let's get Sp0Oky! This episode discusses Hallowe'en facts, the real-life horror of institutionalised racism, and the some strategies of self-care to protect and cope with this harem scarem world. Features music by Brother's Creeper (California, Maryland, USA) https://brotherscreeper.bandcamp.com/


This week's episode discusses the importance of personal boundaries, the social boundary breaking world of drag, and whether or not politics should bleed into academia. Stay woke folx and always remember: If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else?


This week's episode covers toxic relationships, polyamory, and how to navigate identity politics both internally and interpersonally while dating. Unfortunately, the poetry segment mentioned will have to wait for next week. Sorry!

Episode 05: snap out of it

It's the 6th week of Michaelmas term, congratulations on surviving the infamous 5th week blues! Still feeling drained? Still feeling stressed? Still feeling like you just get push through? No worries. This week's episode talks about how to expel the negative forces in your life whether it be a bad relationship, lack of motivation, disorganisation, or that dreadful internalised self-doubt. It's time to snap out of that funk you've been in.

EPISODE 06: (me)search pt.1 [Explicit]

Part one of two: Sometimes you learn the most about yourself when you're alone, even when "alone" means being crammed into a hostel bed with 15 other people. This episode covers the lessons I've learned about moving on, being far away, and becoming more aware of who I want to be versus who I actually am while traveling alone and meeting some interesting people along the way.

episode 07: (me)search pt.2 

Part two of two: It's the most wonderful time of the year! Happy end of term listeners. Here is the grand finale of season 01 of Recycled Air and thank you so much for listening!

Season 02

Episode 01: reunion

Welcome back Listeners! We're kicking off the start of Hilary Term with an episode full of stories of travel, friendship, and everything in between. Featuring music from The Decemberists, Pianos Become the Teeth, The Wombats, and the ukulele stylings of yours truly. Peace, love, and impeachment xx

episode 02: into you

Do you remember the last time you fell in love? Yeah me neither. This episodes covers that dangerous slope of being infatuated with someone and the mess that comes with it. Featuring music from Kermode Spirit, Modern Baseball, Sorority Noise, and Coldplay. Peace, love, and impeachment xx

Episode 03: eat your veggies 

We all have that one vegan friend who can't help but mention that they are vegan every 5 minutes, am I right? This episode outlines the socio-cultural politics surrounding food, eating, and most importantly dietary fads. From paleodiet to week-day vegetarian -- we've got you covered. Featuring music from The Great Heights Band, Watermedown, The Magnetic Fields, and... more Coldplay?

episode 04: night at the museum 

One of my favourite places to be in the world is a museum, but can we truly separate the legacies of colonialism, racism, and misogyny that are embedded within these institutions? How does positionality shape how our collections and their historical interpretations? What are the nuances of the different types of museums? Featured music by Built to Spill, Plushgun, The Cloud Nothings, and The Front Bottoms.

episode 05: libertine 

Valentine's day is over! Love is dead! It's time to get back to our raunchy, less wholesome selves. This show is all about sex! Masturbation, foreplay, body counts, cheating, sex and emotions, it's all here! All of the funny facts, stories, and moments that come with doing the dirty are discussed! Guest starring Sam from Maddie and Sam's Shazam (Mondays, 19:00-20:00 GMT) and music by Permanent Me, The Front Bottoms, and Noisettes.

Episode 06: Nani The Fuck 

Happy Grand Finale of Season 02 Listeners! Have you ever said anything that came out the wrong way? Have you ever said anything that means the opposite of what you meant it to mean? This episode covers a handful of stories touching on moments where meaning is mis-interpreted entirely. From one kanji stroke too many, pregnancy scares, and distressing nuances in English, this episode has them all. Featuring music from Drake, Single Mothers, and The Wonder Years.

Season 03

episode 01: track changes

Welcome back listeners! Have you ever been blind-sided completely about how things are "supposed" to go? What happens when your "best" isn't enough? What happens when you're left with no options? Sometimes things don't always go the way we've planned them, so the question is "What's the game plan?"