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Oxide News

Hosted by Kitty Hatchley and James Cashman

sunday 12:00 - 12:40

Oxide News brings you a roundup of the weeks news in Oxford every Sunday from 12:00 - 12:40. Hosted by Kitty Hatchley and James Cashman, Oxide News keeps you up to date with the big news, from the who? what? when? to why you should care.


14 October 2018

Oxide News is back with OG James Cashman and Newbie Kitty Hatchley bring you a deep dive into some big news stories (the IPCC report and the DUP shenanigans) as well as a look at what Cherwell and Oxstu have picked up on in Oxford with Cherwell News Editor Eve Webster.

21 October 2018

In this weeks episode Kitty and James are joined by Oxstu Editor James Ashworth to discuss the release of Anjem Choudary, the death of Jamal Khashoggi and this weeks student papers...

28 October 2018

At the end of third week Kitty and James are discussing the American midterms and injunctions with special guest Cherwell's News Editor Angus Brown.

4 november 2018

In this fourth week edition of Oxide News James and Kitty have OxStu's deputy editor Tom Gould in the studio as they chat about the election of Bolsonaro and budget week! As well as their usual deep dive into the student newspapers.

11 november 2018

It's the end of fifth week and James and Kitty are joined by Cherwell Broadcasting's Tucker Drew to talk about Brexit, the American mid terms and some student news!


21 April 2018

Its Trinity term and Oxide News is back with a packed episode to inform your 0th week. With special guest Ray Williams from Oxstu,  James and Ariane give you a run down of things you might have missed over the vac and an in-depth look into the Windrush scandal...

28 April 2018

This week we're marvelling at the Macron-Trump bromance that is blossoming  and also talking through the implications of the historic meeting of the leaders of North and South Korea. Also with special guest from Cherwell we're giving you a roundup of what the student newspapers have picked up on this week. 

12 maY 2018 

In our third week episode we're discussing the fall out from Trump's decision to pull America out of the Iran deal and also about the new government proposal to create hundreds more grammar school places. We're also looking through the student papers with Cherwell News Editor Jeremiah O'mahony. 

26 MAY 2018

9 june 2018


20 January 2018

We open your Hilary term with discussion of #metoo and the state of Brexit 

27 January 2018 

Your second week bulletin, we're diving into Davos and discussing equal pay - with special guest Cherwell deputy editor Fred Dimbleby

03 February 2018 

In your third week briefing we discuss the effects of Brexit on Oxford's funding and homelessness in Oxford 

10 February 2018 

Fourth week has been and gone and this episode we're discussing Cheddar man and no platforming in universities.

17 February 2018 

In this week's episode we have special guest Oscar Baker, News Editor at Cherwell. We're discussing the state of OUCA and the terrible mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

24 February 2018

It's sixth week and we've got a special episode on the abortion debate. James interviews a member of Abort67 an anti-abortion group and the team discuss what he has to say and how this relates to the free speech debate we've been covering recently...

03 March 2018 

This week we're covered mental health awareness week and the first contested union elections in 5 terms.