The Oxide Committee 2019-2020

The Executive Committee is selected annually. We are responsible for the overall running of the station. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact any of us!

The Oxide Entz are selected by the Station Manager. They are responsible for organising events to promote Oxide Radio and raise money for new equipment for our studio or for charity.


Executive Committee


Station Manager


Hello, I’m Zerlina and I’m your Station Manager for this year! My role primarily includes devising and developing plans for the future of Oxide, chairing committee meetings, maintaining the smooth running of the station as well as liaising with the Student Union, Student Radio Association and external organisations. I present a weekly music documentary show called ‘Behind the Classics’ every Sunday morning, but when I’m not in the studio I can usually be found directing an opera, playing in a concert or actually revising for my finals!



Programme Controller (Arts & Entertainment)


Hi I’m Tristan, the Arts/Entertainment Controller for Oxide Radio this year. I’m here to help presenters develop their ideas and get them onto the station, and try and get as many different and exciting ideas out onto the waves as possible. When I’m not in radio world, you can probably catch me deep in the bowels of the Sackler with some extremely boring books on Anglo-Saxon archaeology.


Programme Controller (Music)


Hey! I’m Shanet - I’m a 3rd year Human Scientist at Hertford and I’m one of the music controllers so I handle all the music shows that we have here. I first got involved with Oxide last year when I had my own hip-hop show which I really enjoyed. I also blog for a music platform called “Mixtape Madness,” I’ve tried my hand at song writing/singing and rapping so feel free to reach out if you’re interested in anything like this! This year I hope we can get up to some really exciting stuff and get some more people involved.


Programme Controller (Music)


Hello there! I'm Tom, one of the two music controllers alongside Shanet. This means I oversee half of all current Oxide music shows, ensuring they run smoothly and are of a high standard, as well as helping presenters with any queries or problems they might have about their show. I co-host Oxide Film, airing every Tuesday at 1700. Aside from venturing to the Phoenix Picturehouse every week for our film review, I'll either be writing a Classics essay, rehearsing for a play, on a film set, or recording for a voice acting company I work for.



tilly walters

Hey, I’m Tilly, and I’m this year’s Oxide Treasurer! I’m in charge of the station’s finance, as well as some aspects of publicity and recruitment. I’m looking to redesign the radio’s finances, and invest in some improvements to the station. I’m involved also in Oxford charity and volunteering work, and you can usually find me desperately trying to balance my degree on top of this.




Hi, I’m Noorie! I’m in charge of the website, social media, and all other marketing and media concerns. I’m super excited to make Oxide even bigger than it is - expect to see our logo more and more on your timelines and around Oxford! You can find me spending way too much time on graphic-design-made-easy websites and aggressively tweeting about our shows. Otherwise am getting by with my History and Politics degree and thankful I’m in Second Year and can spend a justified amount of time on Instagram.


station manager

stephen taylor

Hello, I’m Stephen. I work full time for Oxford SU as the communications coordinator and have been behind the scenes supporting the Oxide Radio committee since its return a few years ago. I mainly look after the technical side of the studio and support the committee in any way I can. Always happy to help out with any studio questions or queries so feel free to drop me a message anytime.




I'm James and I'm the Secretary and News Controller for Oxide for 2019/20! My roles involve taking minutes at committee meetings, publishing the weekly broadcast schedule and commissioning news-related shows. I present 'Oxide News' on Sundays and I'm a third year History student at Jesus, so when you can't find me in the recording studio or in the Rad Cam, I'll probably be singing for the college chapel choir or composing dirty poems for friends' birthdays!




Hey I’m Saoirse and I make up one half of the entz team along with Mattie. That basically means we’ll be coordinating to organise fun events outside of the studio to help people engage with Oxide and to provide the components for a goood time. We’re also very open to new ideas so thoughts about cool club nights or live music events are very welcome. When I’m not doing anything Oxide, I’m probably doing access stuff for the uni, thinking of ways to start a feminist revolution, or being rejected from Media society.