The Oxide Committee 2017-2018

The Oxide committee is selected on an annual basis. We are responsible for the overall running of the station. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact any of us.



Station Manager

Theo Davies-Lewis

Hi, I'm Theo and I'm your Station Manager at Oxide. When I first came to Oxford, I was disappointed that there wasn't a full functioning student radio. Now, I'm delighted to serve as Station Manager of a reinvigorated Oxide. My role includes a number of different things, such as chairing our committee meetings on the different issues of the day, liaising with colleagues in the SU on funding and progress, as well as developing the strategy for the station going forward. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jess Pic.jpg

Programme Controller (Arts, Entertainment & News)

Jess Ockenden

Hi, I'm Jess and I'm Oxide's Programme Controller for arts, entertainment and news. I commission shows,  review the pitches we receive and help our presenters get their shows on air. I also present two shows on Oxide: Ockenden's Curiosity Shop and A Half Hour on Thesbos. When I'm not in the studio I can be found reading medieval Italian, practising martial arts and impersonating Jarvis Cocker.


Caspar Jacobs

Programme Controller (Music)

Caspar Jacobs

Hi, I'm Caspar! I'm the Music Programme Controller at Oxide, meaning I am responsible for all music shows at our station. I will be the first point of contact for our music presenters. Regarding myself, I've been at Oxford for over four years now, currently doing a Philosophy Master's. Ever since I arrived I've run my own show at Oxide called Beautiful Freaks - tune in on Tuesday evenings to hear me present my favourite tunes!

Jethro Lundie Brown

Marketing + Studio Director 

Jethro Lundie Brown

Hi, I'm Jethro and I'm the studio coordinator at Oxide. My job involves maintaining all the studio equipment and making sure our broadcasting runs smoothly. I'm also a big music nerd and I co-host a weekly show dedicated to new & rare grooves.


Ollie Braddy

Communcations Director

Ollie Braddy

I'm in charge of making sure that all the Oxide social media channels are #lit and tending to our website. I'll also be helping presenters with a marketing strategy for their programmes. I present a weekly show called Sleep Sounds and when I'm not Oxide-ing I can be found struggling through physics problem sheets and trying to find a job.