The Oxide Committee 2018-2019

The Executive Committee is selected annually. We are responsible for the overall running of the station. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact any of us!

The Oxide Entz are selected by the Station Manager. They are responsible for organising events to promote Oxide Radio and raise money for new equipment for our studio or for charity.


Executive Committee


Station Manager

kitty hatchley

Hi I'm Kitty and I'm your station manager for this year! My role includes a number of different things, such as chairing our committee meetings on the different issues of the day, liaising with colleagues in the SU on funding and progress, as well as developing the strategy for the station going forward. I co-host a news show on Sundays called 'Oxide Today' and when I'm not radioing you can find me running around Oxford with a mini film crew trying to create some light entertainment!



Programme Controller (Arts, Entertainment & News)

zerlina vulliamy

Hi I’m Zerlina and I am the Arts, Entertainment and News Controller for Oxide this year! My role mainly involves accepting or developing new pitches for shows as well as helping presenters with their ideas and generally being a point of contact for any enquiries they might have. I present a weekly music documentary show called Behind the Classics on Sunday mornings, but when I’m not finding new ways to say “we explore classics from every genre” I’m usually running around Oxford trying to get to my next rehearsal on time.


Programme Controller (Music)

darius parvizi-wayne

Hi, I’m Darius! I’m the Music Programme Controller at Oxide, meaning I review applications, get shows on the air and respond to the presenters’ enquiries. I also present a show on Oxide called Profile. Apart from my responsibilities with the station, you can often find me dancing, DJing, or asleep.


Studio manager 

kirsty clark

Hello I’m Kirsty and I am in charge of all things technical here at Oxide. I make sure the studio is looking sharp and working sharper on the day to day, and I am the point of contact for presenters if things get a little bit tricky or sticky. I like to keep things running smoothly, including my radio show on Oxide, Radio Kiki, which is as smooth as smooth gets if I say so myself- asmr-ey white noise spoken word galore playing into your ear holes every sunday night.



creative Director

samuel juniper

Hello, I’m Sam! I’m in charge of the website, social media, organising presenter socials, and helping the station produce original content. I also help Kitty with marketing. I host the music/chat show Maddie & Sam’s Shazam every Monday evening. When I’m not egotistically broadcasting my own voice on the radio waves, I’m probably cooking, baking, eating, or covering myself in glitter.