Oxford Today

Hosted by Theo Davies-Lewis

Produced by Kitty Hatchley

Tuesdays 19:00 - 20:00

Oxford Today is Oxide Radio's primetime interview series presented by Station Manager Theo Davies-Lewis. Every week between 19:00-20:00 on Tuesday evenings, Theo speaks to some of the most influential figures in the city and asks the difficult questions that Oxford students want the answer to. Series One to Three were produced by Mark Rapaport and Kitty Hatchley

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Episode 1 - PRofessor Paul Smith

In our first episode of Trinity term, Theo speaks to Professor Paul Smith, Director of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Among the topics discussed are how to attract visitors to museums, how climate change has influenced fieldwork in Greenland and the new Settlers exhibition at the museum.


Episode 2 - Tim boswell

In the second Trinity term episode Theo chats to Tim Boswell, Editor of BBC Oxford. Among the topics discussed are the changes to regional radio, the challenges of covering Oxfordshire, and also the quest for more radio talent.


episode 3 - Helen Ghosh

In our third week episode Theo talks to the new Master of Bailliol, Dame Helen Ghosh. Among the topics discussed are the challenges of running a government department, why the National Trust is one of the most important institutions in the UK, and her first impressions upon becoming Master of Balliol College, Oxford.


Episode 4 - Nicholas King

In our fourth week episode Theo talks to the Reverend Nicholas King. Among the topics discussed are the work of the Jesuits, his work translating the bible, and how we engage young people in religious studies.


episode 5 - Women in Oxford's history

In our fifth episode of the series, Theo spoke to Bethany and Alice from the Women in Oxford's History podcast, discussing the work of the podcast, their own respective PhD research topics, and the state of gender equality in Oxford and the UK as a whole.



EPISODE 1 - Natalie Bennett 

In the first episode of our second series Theo Davies-Lewis talks to former leader of the Green party, Natalie Bennett. Among the topics discussed are the future of the Greens in England and Wales, environmental issue in Oxford and the toxicity of politics in the heart of Westminster.



In the second episode of our second series Theo Davies-Lewis talks to Director of UK in a changing Europe, Anand Menon. Among the topics discussed are why people voted to leave the EU, the state of negotiations and why we should stop making it leave vs remain and make Brexit a success!


episode 3 - Pamela Roberts 

In the third episode of our second series, Theo Davies-Lewis talks to Pamela Roberts, author of the book 'Black Oxford' which traces the history of black scholarship in the university.



In the fourth episode of our second series Theo Davies-Lewis talks to Liz Frood, Professor of Egyptology at Oxford University, about her battle with sepsis, her plans to return to Egypt and her work campaigning for disability rights.


episode 5 - Sarah morris

In the fifth episode in the series Theo Talks to Sarah Morris, BBC journalist and Author of 'The War on Women'. Among the topics discussed are the work it took to finish the book her mother, Sue Lloyd-Roberts started, the plight of women around the world and how feminism changed in her mother's lifetime. 


Episode 6 - Professor            Louise Richardson

In the sixth episode of this series Theo talks to Professor Louise Richardson, Vice Chancellor of Oxford University. Among the topics discussed are growing up in Ireland during the troubles, female role models and why the US government should have listened to her!


episode 7 - Professor Eric beinhocker

In our penultimate episode this term Theo talks to Professor Eric Beinhocker, Executive Director of the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School. Among the topics discussed are sustainable economics, the rise of populism and the work of the Oxford Martin School.


episode 8 - Andrew graham 

In the final episode of our second season, Theo Davies-Lewis interviews Andrew Graham Chair of the Academic council of the Europaeum; group of twelve leading European Universities. Among the topics discussed are British collaboration with the rest of Europe, the importance of cultural exchange and his vision for the future of UK universities.



Episode 1 - Chris PAtten

For the first interview of the series, Theo Davies-Lewis speaks to Chris Patten, the University of Oxford's Chancellor and the former Govenor of Hong Kong. Among the range of topics covered, Patten discusses his role at the University, 20 years since the Hong Kong handover, as well as what he sees as his own identity after a long and successful career in public life.


Episode 2 - Xa Sturgis

In the second interview of the series, Theo Davies-Lewis speaks to Dr Xa Sturgis, Director of the Ashmolean Museum. Among the topics covered are the impacts of Brexit on the museum sector, the challenges ahead for museums in the digital age and what inspired him to get involved with heritage management.


Episode 3 - Bishop Steven

In the third interview of the series, Theo Davies-Lewis speaks to Bishop of Oxford, the RT Revd Dr Steven Croft. Among the topics covered are his own journey to Christianity, the Church's responsibilities to modern society and his own views on same sex marriage in the Church


Episode 4 - Richard Ovenden

In our fourth episode of the series, Theo Davies-Lewis speaks to Richard Ovenden the Librarian of the Bodleian. Among the topics discussed are why he became interested in books, his leadership of the Bodleian and the role of libraries in the digital age.


Episode 5 - ivor roberts

In the fifth episode of the Series, Theo Davies-Lewis speaks to former president of Trinity College Sir Ivor Roberts. Among the topics discussed are his diplomatic career, the relevance of the British foreign office and the difference between negotiating with the Bosnians and negotiating with Trinity's JCR


Episode 6 - amatey doku

In the sixth episode of the series, Theo Davies-Lewis interviews Amatey Doku, the NUS Vice President for Higher Education. Among the topics discussed are Oxbridge admissions, how the NUS is dealing with demands placed on it by the government, and post-Brexit life for students.


episode 7 - Nick Robinson

In the seventh episode in the series Theo Davies-Lewis Interviews Nick Robinson, presenter of Today on BBC Radio 4. Among the topics covered are, his time at Oxford and his attempts to set up a student radio, how the role of political editor will change in the future and the time old question; whether the BBC is a more intimidating than Oxford Today.


Episode 8 - Kevin Rudd

In the eighth episode of the series, Theo Davies-Lewis interviews Kevin Rudd, the former Prime Minister of Australia. Among the topics discussed are; his current Oxford DPhil dissertation on China, Australia's recent same-sex marriage survey, the role of the Murdoch press, and beating PM Bob Hawke's world record for drinking beer.


episode 9 - Ceri Thomas

In the ninth episode of the series, Theo Davies-Lewis interviews the Director of Public Affairs at the University Ceri Thomas. Ceri is the former editor of BBC Today and Panorama, among the topics discussed are his transition from the BBC to Oxford, his experience of editing today and the future of radio broadcasting.