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OUDS New Writing Festival 2019

“If I must pray for protection, I will pray. And I will be protected.”

After the world is destroyed by nuclear war, a woman and her daughter open their farmhouse to two strangers. All they want is to rebuild their lives. But it is not long until three members of the Holy Order seek refuge at the farm, and they want something altogether more sinister...

Ryan Bernsten’s new play looks at death, life, and the lengths we will go to to build a new order.

Gail - Verity Babbs Anna - Leanne Yau
Charlie - Alex Blanc Katrina - Kira Miller
Sister Blair - Islah Wallace Sister Nora - Remy Soysal
Sister Ruth - Lou Lou Curry

Writer - Ryan Bernsten
Directors - Morag Campbell and Alice Taylor
Sound Designer - Jonny Jamison
Graphic Designer - Ruby Lyons

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OUDS New Writing Festival 2018

Tom Fisher's 'The Important Things' was performed as a part of the OUDS New Writing Festival 2018, as the winning script of the 'Best New Play for Voices' category.

It's election day, 2017. Long-married couple Stephen and Lily row over the breakfast table. Twenty years earlier, the two of them celebrate a landslide Labour victory. Following the couple in snapshots through their relationship, 'The Important Things' is a penetrating work that delves into the potentially devastating effects of the politics on the personal, as we wonder what exactly went wrong.

Cast: Stephen - Jake Rich, Lily - Jessie See 

Director - Amitai Landau-Pope

Producers - Frances Livesey, Jessica Ockenden, Naomi Chapman