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North Ox Patio

Saturdays 14:00 - 15:00

Hoorah you cry! Kate is back in the studio & is now storming Oxford with her brand spanking new podcast 'The North Oxford Patio’ (suspiciously reminiscent of her dog-old show The North London Patio - but London was so last year & who even listened to that anyway?)

From the girl who interviewed the national treasure that is David Attenborough comes a series of shows that will never, ever ( no really - ever) live up to that magical day. Nevertheless there’ll be me aspiring to be a top-notch Conservation legend, chat, tunes and fantastic guests (still got Davy A on my phone contacts – could he make a thrilling second appearance in my life? Only one way to find out) – tune innnnnnnn.

Head ova 2 ma Spotify if you want to make my fave songs the soundtrack to your life - 'Kate Balding' -

Season 1

In this week’s episode we chat Vegans, Pandas & Parasites — There are games to be had in the return of ‘AttenBae or AttenNae’, guests to be grilled, big world problems to be solved and to top it all off there are even a few silky tunes to soften your Saturday souls. As always I, Kate, will be here to keep the peace and keep the good vibez rolling on.

In this week’s episode we chat Food Sustainability, Moon Rats and and Polish Goths - Chock a block with challenges tunes and oh wait! NEW GAME ALERT - * Lion, Tiger, Pants on Fire’* your new favourite pod cast game storms the studio. So go’wan let me accompany your walk to work, your kitchen cooking, your mid afternoon nap - (It’ll be fun she says.)

In this week’s episode we chat Water, Prickly Tubfish and and Wetwipes - tonnes of chatter, heaps of tunes and a whole ocean of liquid based learning ( funner than it sounds). So grab your Umbrella and dive deep into our pool of knowledge where Kate asks frequent and stupid questions for the good of all man (and women and all imbetween and extra) kind.

In this week’s episode we chat the big one, the real MVP, the ‘oh lordy its a fire’ - CLIMATE CHANGE. But hey, come soothe your worries away and settle down with me & my guest to chat Fairy-wrens, carbon capture and Iceland’s banned Christmas Ad. With tunes as mellow as your mood and unprecedented challenges to be had its a big week on the North Oxford Patio - come pull up a chair and join in.

In this week’s episode we chat Island Conservation with our very own Moana babe, from giant lizards that live in your roof to the mysterious Feather-Tailed Pygmy Possum we cast away with the usual tunes, chat and holy moly — this was one mother of a challenge - If you want to hear Kate taking Radio to extreme survival limits then this is the episode for you — let me walk you to work, xx

In this - the final episode of the series - we’re back to water, but this time with parasites, hagfish and policy making - whats not to like? so hop aboard and bob along with me and another top notch guest as we drift away into life as a guilty conservationist - Merry Christmas all, Love K