Open Sesame

Playing the best music to soundtrack your Saturday morning. Be it recovery mode, library session or Saturday strollin' the guys at Opus Twins will bring the beats and vibes to keep you company. 

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maddie & sam's Shazam

Music, interview, discussion, quiz, and fiction show presented by Maddie Parr and Samuel Juniper.

New episode out every Monday!


BEAUTIFUL FREAKS is a weekly radio show on Oxide, Oxford's student radio station. We play the bestest and newest alternative music - which ranges from indie to electronic - give our controversial opinions and provide you with insider information! You can listen via


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Honeyy hour on Oxide radio is a Monday night sermon of good music across all genres. Throughout the hour you will be plugged with the latest young and new emerging artists and told where to find their music. Whilst giving a chance for the next generation of musicians to shine, you can kick back and start your week off the right way – to good music and good vibes.


Strange Charm

Strange Charm soundtracks your Monday evening with an eclectic and exciting mix of music ft. friends sitting round and chatting about things we care about.

Woi FM 

The only way to prep for your Thursday night is an hour and a half with Fred and Dan down at Woi FM. Get hyped as we bring you the freshest crop of hip hop and RnB and chat about the latest goings on in the music world, both inside and outside of Oxford town. Featuring weekly special guests we will be bringing the hottest tunes and the deadest banter.

Oxford College Castaway

Oxford College Castaway is presented by Alice Watson and takes its inspiration from the BBC Radio 4 classic Desert Island Discs. Alice speaks to students from across the university to find out more about their lives, experiences, and journeys to Oxford, and their aspirations for the future. The interviewee is cast away to their college for the duration of the holiday with only eight music discs to see them through the lonely period. The show ends by asking the castaway for one essential item they couldn't manage without and a single golden ticket to their favourite eatery in Oxford. The question is, how will they fare all on their own? Tune in fortnightly on Sundays 12.00-12.45 to find out. 

The Studio Sessions

The Oxide Studio Sessions aim to showcase some of the best new musical talent when they make their way through Oxford whilst touring. A mixture of conversation and live performances.

The Showbiz  Segment

Everybody knows there's no business like show business, so let's get the lights, mics and action on for an hour of familiar favourites and hidden gems from the world of film and theatre. Each week we'll be exploring music on a different theme, allowing you to belt out show tune classics in your kitchen, uncover a new soundtrack to accompany your next essay or reminisce with that familiar suite from your duvet day film. And, of course, we'll fill you in on all that's been happening in the world of showbiz from Oxford and beyond.

So whether you're Starting Here Starting Now or The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Showbiz Segment offers the perfect cut from the world of the red carpet for your feel good Friday!

Funky Friday

Easing you into your Friday nights with an hour of old school funk and disco, as well as new releases. Join Alys and Millie for a journey through disco and the music it has inspired, guaranteed to get you grooving and ready for the weekend


Showcasing a different "lil" rapper every episode, The Best Lil Radio show will help realize all your lil dreams. You can discover new artists or even embrace a new guilty pleasure. What are you waiting for? Esketit. 

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House music isn’t just for nights out. Whether you’re at your desk or hanging out on your sofa, Zoe and Elena will provide the soundtrack to your Monday evenings. Leave any preconceptions about house in the club: from the ambient and experimental to the feel good and funky, Stay at Home House will explore the entire span of one of music’s most varied genres to get your head nodding and your foot tapping wherever you are.



Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. (Psalm 100:1)

Every other Sunday night 21.00-22.00 tune in to hear Tom Wijesinghe bringing you the best beats and treats from across the globe. Listen for the top modern musical innovations from around the planet as well as the healthiest portions of amateur mixing and linking this side of the Botley interchange.


There’s music you know and music you love, music you think you know and music you’ve never heard before. Tune in to Behind the Classics every Sunday at 11am to hear some of your favourite pieces and discover some of the stories behind them! Each week we explore a musical theme across all genres, a major composer, a well known band, even a game-changing album. We’ll also have the latest on music being performed in Oxford, even with occasional interviews! Some of the greatest works will be heard, including pieces you may not know are related. We have many stories to tell behind classical, jazz, opera, hip-hop, funk, rock and more! If you like music, there’s something for everyone in this show.  

Flip it to the B-Side

An exploration of B-Side, undervalued and overshadowed tracks and artists from the 90s Golden Age of Hip-Hop (peppered throughout with some old favourites) to soundtrack your day. So, in the words of Da Brat, lay on back and listen to the B-side...