Quiddity, Scrotality, Supernacular, Gongoozle and Good evening. Welcome to Ockenden's Curiosity Shop, a cosy second-hand antiquities shop currently located somewhere in the intergalactic void. Tune in on Tuesday nights for etymological gems, poetry, wisdom and the odd song. Features include Word of the Week, Saint of the Week, the Short but Terribly Thrilling serial and the voices of Ockenden, Martin the Ghost and George Ellis.




Catch up on all the dramatic happenings around Oxford. Want to know what to go and see? Or what you can get involved with? HALF HOUR OF THESBOS is your weekly round-up with all things theatre in and around Oxford University.

The Mass Debate

THE MASS DEBATE is a show that recognises how self-gratifying student debating can be. 

Each week two guests pit their wits and their facts against each other to untangle some issue of extreme relevance to student life and beyond. With some friendly (and mostly metaphorical) poking from the host to carry the debate to a satisfying conclusion. Is this show the solution to all your problems both financial and metaphysical? Probably. 

Almost clever, almost satire and with guests sourced exclusively from the student population

Empower Her Voice

Empower Her Voice is an organisation working to facilitate the empowerment of women and is currently working under two strands. First, they organise talks and discussions in a variety of cities to give women a platform, enabling them to be better heard when they speak about topics close to their hearts. Second, they fundraise for schools and women's centres across the world to to provide physical resources, set up scholarship schemes and establish extra-curricular programmes.

Recycled Air

An hour dedicated to thematic discussions of the oddities of everyday life. Honest conversations about social justice, pop culture, independent art, & more.

The Oxford Imps

Each week the renowned and critically acclaimed Oxford Imps provide us with 40 minutes of recorded (but still improvised) comedy genius. Make sure you're not listening in the library because *SPOILERS* it might make you LAUGH OUT LOUD.