Quiddity, Scrotality, Supernacular, Gongoozle and Good evening. Welcome to Ockenden's Curiosity Shop, a cosy second-hand antiquities shop currently located somewhere in the intergalactic void. Tune in on Sunday nights for etymological gems, poetry, wisdom and the odd song. Features include Word of the Week, Saint of the Week, the Short but Terribly Thrilling serial and the voices of Ockenden, Martin the Ghost and George Ellis.




Catch up on all the dramatic happenings around Oxford. Want to know what to go and see? Or what you can get involved with? A HALF HOUR ON THESBOS is your weekly round-up with all things theatre in and around Oxford University.


Join us each week as we grapple with issues of immense gravity and importance with the help of expert guests from the upper echelons of Oxford Uni society. Almost clever, almost satire, and surely the solution to most of your problems.

Empower Her Voice

Empower Her Voice is an organisation working to facilitate the empowerment of women and is currently working under two strands. First, they organise talks and discussions in a variety of cities to give women a platform, enabling them to be better heard when they speak about topics close to their hearts. Second, they fundraise for schools and women's centres across the world to to provide physical resources, set up scholarship schemes and establish extra-curricular programmes.

Recycled Air

An hour dedicated to thematic discussions of the oddities of everyday life. Honest conversations about social justice, pop culture, independent art, & more.


It's Thursday night in the city of dreaming spires... Tune in to tune out, and let your dreams do the listening. Every week we go down the rabbit hole to explore the dreamworlds of human beings.


A weekly journey abroad, to a different country each week, exploring foreign culture through ~mysterious~ historical anecdotes, literature and music from each place.



Concepts untainted by sound or sight, just rolling about shutting ideas down before they even get a chance to start. Thoughts are little seeds underground which need sunlight, let them breath. Water your mind, cultivate! Join me at 2330 on Sunday nights for the motivation and thoughtfulness you know you need for the week ahead.


There are so many things in this world. Sometimes, it can be difficult to judge if they’re any good. More movies than could ever be watched. Enough music to last a lifetime. And so, so many chip vans. How can a busy student ever find out what’s worthwhile, and what’s not? Well, there are resources like Amazon, TripAdvisor, and apparently Snapchat too now. (Idk either)

But what if they want a different view? A totally biased perspective, offering little information of use? One that’s told by a couple of people with little expertise, but much banter.  A review that doesn’t tell you whether to buy something, or whether the music is good, but rather, one which produces entertaining anecdotes, and uses the lit-ometer (patent pending).

If this sounds good to you – or if you need help reviewing whether or not it is – then why not tune in? It’s available live every Saturday at 7-8pm, at Oxide Radio, or can be listened to later as a podcast if you miss it!


A show that changes every week giving students the chance to talk about any topic and demonstrating the variety of topics available at Oxford. If you'd like to be on the show - get in touch!

Musings From Abroad

Musings from an American about her experience abroad: the highs, the lows, the cultural differences, new discoveries and more

This be the verse

Welcome to This Be The Verse, bringing you our favourite poems, suitably nerdy discussion of said poems, interviews with poets, YOUR SUBMISSIONS (!) and maybe even some poetry news. With a rotating group of presenters, every episode promises a slightly different flavour and possible eclecticism. 


Oxford Untold

Join Christian Bell and Isobel Moseley as they talk to often-overlooked or under-represented people from all over the City of Dreaming Spires about their views on and experiences of the city we call home for a couple of years.

Staverton Live

Can’t get your pedigree onto Crufts? Struggling to choose a meal deal? Contemplating whether or not to bin your five pound coin? Pick up the phone, give us a call and tune into Staverton Live for clear, objective, and imaginative advice about any dilemma from two humble students. We can give you anything from North Oxford neighbourhood watch gossip, hoover ratings, horoscopes, traffic levels at car boot sales, and more useful things.  Bringing you big beats form the North Oxford streets from DJ - and pub quiz rater- DanBleats, and less bass heavy tracks from DJ - also astrologer, shipping forecaster, Kwick Cricket pundit- ShamanSharlotte, Staverton Live will make you want to jive. Fridays, 6-7pm.


Have you ever felt like keeping on top of popular culture is a full-time job? Then tune in on Saturday evenings and listen to The Catch-Up, where Jonnie and Oluchi guide you through the best of the week's news and new releases in the world of movies and TV. Oluchi is a TV encyclopaedia with a love for literally ALL things 90's, while Jonnie is a budding film critic who's rarely stuck for an opinion. Together, we attempt to catch each other (and you!) up on the best of the week.


Broadcasting ‘live’ from The Living Room at the peak hours of midnight to one-thirty, Liam and Alex bring you an intimate selection of reflective news stories from over a thousand years, interesting panels with interesting people, and a dollop of shit chat thrown in for good measure. Tune in Saturday mornings / Friday nights to hear what can only be described as one step away from white noise.

STEMing from Oxford

 STEMing at Oxford is a show which discusses some of the most exciting STEM research going on in Oxford right now. This city is filled with people doing amazing research that often doesn’t get the recognition it deserves – that’s where we come in. Every fortnight we will interview an academic from one of the university’s departments and allow them to share with the world the awesome things going on behind their lab’s closed doors. From sea snakes to robots, we hope to spread the word about the weird and wonderful things going on in STEM at Oxford.


Cultural podcast analysing the position of women and sex in comedy.


Welcome to the Friday Football Show, a weekly radio show and podcast, broadcast on Oxide radio Friday 5-5:45. We will discuss the best of the week’s Premier League football, and have a look at the rest of action from around the continent. We will have a Premier League team of the week, European player of the week, some scoreline predictions and a general light-hearted gab about football. Where possible and necessary, we will also discuss the biggest headlines from sport in general. Feel free to post or send in any questions you may have, which we will endeavour to look through and answer during the show!