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Dream Time Radio Hour

Hosted by Ali Porteous

Thursdays 22:00 - 23:00

It's night in the city of dreaming spires... Every week we go down the rabbit hole to explore the dreamworlds of human beings. Tune in to tune out, and let your dreams do the listening.




  1. Series of Dreams by Bob Dylan
  2. Cloudbusting by Kate Bush
  3. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me by The Smiths
  4. Dream by John Cage
  5. In Dreams by Roy Orbison
  6. The Inner Light by The Beatles
"Dalí was a magnificent fraud – a Willy Wonka, who breathed colour and passion into Freud's frowsty laboratory"


"Owing to the very nature of dreams, to their mental mediocrity and bumble, they cannot yield any semblance of morality or symbol or Greek myth, unless, naturally, the dreamer is a Greek or a mythicist"


  1. Future Forever by Björk, Arca
  2. Dream Synopsis by The Last Shadow Puppets, Alex Turner
  3. Innocent When You Dream (78) by Tom Waits
  4. Tales Of The Future by Vangelis, Demis Roussos
  5. Kolyskova by DakhaBrakha
  6. And Dream Of Sheep by Kate Bush
“You do not doubt in the state of dreaming that the form you see is identical with what it is seems to be; and yet on waking and interpreting, you do not doubt that it was not.”


  1. Dream Land by Bunny Wailer
  2. Silence Of The Night by Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Kayhan Kalhor
  3. A Trace of Grace by Alim Qasimov and Michel Godard
  4. Choir Concerto: IV. Sej trud, shto natchinal ja s upavan'jem (Complete This Work Which I Began) by Alfred Schnittke, USSR Ministry of Culture Chamber Choir, Valery Polyansky
  5. Douja by Le Trio Joubran
  6. Fada/Spaces by Makimakkuk (prod. Sun Glitters)
"And must the love that comes in a dream necessarily be unreal?"


    1. I'll Be Your Mirror by The Velvet Underground & Nico
    2. Fill Your Heart by David Bowie
    3. Dreaming Of The Forbidden Garden by Prof. Li Xiangting
    4. Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth? by ANOHNI
    5. I'm A Believer by The Monkees
    6. Dream Baby Dream by Suicide
    "Every dream in the world is making a different sort of buzzy-hum music. And these grand swashboggling ears of mine is able to read that music."


    1. Spirit Voices by Paul Simon
    2. O Vendedor De Sonhos by Milton Nasciemento
    3. Cosmogony by Björk
    4. Awful Dreams by Lightnin' Hopkins
    5. Alice by Tom Waits
    6. Rapunzel by Let's Eat Grandma