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Here to steal your daylight saving is Daylight Robbery. Middle your Saturday right with verbal-based sparring and joke humour, along with freshest new hits from a range of genres including but not limited to indie, rock, post-jazz, future jungle house-hop, urgent pop, cumin and wasp.


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Hilary 2018

Episode 6: Slush Patrol

Join our patrol as we control the vitriol pumping out your speakers and/or headphones and/or parents. We are your parents now. Patrol Patrol join us live in the studio, as we hide eggs in their ears and then look for them. Will we find them? No, probably not, their ears are really deep.


  • Radio Patrol // Idioteque
  • Kate Bush Patrol // 50 Words For Slush
  • Rod Stewart, Grit Patrol // Baby, It's Cold Outside
  • Red Hot Chili Patrol // Slush (Hey Oh)
  • Cheese Patrol // Ice Ice Baby
  • Patrol Crosby Patrol // It's Beginning To Look Like Easter

Episode 5: Crime Doesn't Pay (Unless it's Credit Card Fraud)

United Kingdom? More like Unbelievable Krimewave. The partners in transgression talk stolen sheds, men metamorphosing into goats and how to sing the national anthem inside out.


  • The Clash // I Fought the Law
  • Jackson Browne // Lawyers in Love
  • N.W.A // Love tha Police
  • Radiohead // Karma Police
  • Bob Marley & the Wailers // I Shot the Sheriff 

Episode 4: Valentine's Pancake

With just under a year to go until next year's Valentine's Day, and also just under a year to go until next year's Pancake Day, the boys take the opportunity to discuss Immanuel Kant's perceptive comment:

"Just as for the cognition of an object distinct from me I also need an intuition in addition to the thinking of an object in general (in the category), through which I determine that general concepts, so for the cognition of myself I also need an addition to the consciousness, or in addition to that which I think myself, an intuition of the manifold in me, through which I determine this thought; and I exist as an intelligence that is merely conscious of its faculty for combination but which, in regard to the manifold that is to combine, is subject to a limiting condition that it calls inner sense, which can make that combination intuitable only in accordance with temporal relations that lie entirely outside of the concepts of the understanding proper, and that can therefore still cognize itself merely as it appears to itself with regard to an intuition (which is not intellectual and capable of being given through the understanding itself), not as it would cognize itself if its intuitions were intellectual.”


  • Jaded // Pancake
  • The Stone Roses // Love Spreads
  • Frank Zappa // Saint Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast
  • Belle & Sebastian // Piazza, New York Catcher
  • Rubberbandits // I Wanna Fight Your Father
  • Gym Class Heroes // Cupid's Chokehold

Episode 3: Eduroamcation

Allow the unlikely lads to eduroamcate you, with top tips for enlarging band radius and hastening download velocity, as well as the explanation of key terms such as computer, myelin sheath and optic-optimal-optimization.


  • Pink Floyd // Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
  • Pink Floyd // Another Brick in the Wall (Part π)
  • Pink Floyd // Another Brick in the Wall (Part iv)
  • Warp Speed Please // Instrumental Music for Going Warp Speed in an Elevator
  • The Smiths // Panic
  • Eminem // My Dad's Gone Crazy
  • Vampire Weekend // Oxford Comma
  • Jay Z // Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)
  • Alice Cooper // School's Out
  • The Rolling Stones // You Can't Always Get What You Want

Episode 2: Home and Away

Matt Hancock joins the boys to discuss Ainsley Harriott's recent starring role in the the Australian TV Soap Opera, Home and Away.


  • Franz Ferdinand // Darts Of Pleasure
  • Plastic Bertrand // Ca Plane Pour Moi
  • Smooth Jazz Deluxe // Smooth Jazz for Night Clubs
  • Carlos Santana // Oye Como Va
  • The Police // Hungry for You (J'aurais Toujours Faim de Toi)
  • Mc Solaar // Hasta la vista
  • Beck // Qué Onda Guero
  • Arcade Fire // Reflektor

Episode 1: Introductions

On introductions, tame sex scenes from romance novels and an unbelievable plan to move a main road by more than 5.99 metres


  • Two Door Cinema Club // Are We Ready? (Wreck)
  • Guns N' Roses // Welcome To The Jungle
  • Bad Suns // Daft Pretty Boys
  • Amy Winehouse // Intro / Stronger Than Me
  • Justice Vs Simian // We Are Your Friends
  • Simon & Garfunkel // We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin'
  • Thin Lizzy // The Boys Are Back In Town
  • Beck // Loser
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