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Oxford Today

Oxford Today is Oxide Radio's primetime interview series presented by Station Manager Theo Davies-Lewis. Every week between 19:00-20:00 on Tuesday evenings, Theo speaks to some of the most influential figures in the city and asks the difficult questions that Oxford students want the answer to. 


Swadeshi/Videshi is an exploration of India's political, socio-economic, and historical past and present through an insider and outsider's perspective with host Sudhanshu Kaushik as he dissects the complexities of current events occurring for young Indians and diaspora members to digest with interviews of experts while also having conversations with young Indians to gauge what India is to young Indians all over the world. 

Oxide News

Oxide News brings you a roundup of the weeks news in Oxford every saturday from 10:30 -11:00 am. Hosted by Ariane Laurent-Smith and James Cashman, Oxide News keeps you up to date with the big news, from the who? what? when? to why you should care.


In 2017, if you disagree with someone politically, it can feel impossible to understand how they don’t see things the way you do. On Talk, we’ll be getting two leading figures on opposite sides of an issue that matters out of their echo chambers, and into our studio together, to question each other on why they hold the beliefs they do. Tune in every second Thursday from 19:45-20:30 for a different kind of debate show.


The Saturday morning good news round-up designed to shine a little bit of light amidst the clouds of media doom.

The America I Know

Your weekly dose of US news & politics. We’ve got interviews & discussion with students, academics, and some of the big players themselves. Condensed coverage of the stories you can’t be bothered to keep up with + Deep dives for the more perspicacious politicos out there.

“Very Interesting… probing questions.” - Steven Erlanger, NYT Chief Political Correspondent to Europe
“A load of fun.” - Attorney General Ferguson (WA)
“You’re really not listening… [ask me a question] I give a shit about …. oh for God’s sake… we’re done here.” - Ann Coulter (professional demagogue)

2018 Oxford SU Presidential Candidates

Hear each of the 2018 Oxford SU presidential candidates be interviewed by Oxide presenters during their election campaign.