Artwork by Lucy King

Artwork by Lucy King

Asian Occasion

Presented by Ruchika Ganesh & JIN-GYU CHANG

SAturdays 11:30am-1pm

What makes Asian music ‘Asian’? What common threads run through the culture of almost 50 different countries, uniting us despite our geographical existence of over 40 million kilometres and dozens of different languages?

Join Chika and Jin-Gyu as they explore Asian culture and music, talking about their thoughts on growing up as second-generation immigrants, and conversing with guests from all over Asia on their experiences. Expect questionable puns, inter-cultural interviews, and of course the best music in the world (not that we’re biased or anything).

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Season 1

In this episode, Chika grapples with the technological illiteracy that comes from being a law student, but ultimately prevails to deliver a slightly short show. Music includes 'Moonlight' by Kenshi Yonezu, 'Di Na Muli' by Janine Tenoso, and 'Aao' by Atom.
In today's summery episode, Chika reflects on how the sun reflects on the snow and gets a little bit sentimental. Tracks include 'Jeet' by Ritviz, 'Lady' by EXID, and 'Pematah Hati' by Nabila Razali.
Today we're joined by our first guest! Nabeela studies Chinese Studies at Univ, and amidst a playlist of eventually uplifting tunes we discuss the topic of 'traditionally Asian subjects' and get a bit "deep" (but not really). Tracks include "I'm OK" by Ikon, "Kahit Ayaw Mo Na" by This Band, and "Weidao" by Khalil Fong.
In a rambling episode very suited for 5th week, Chika takes comfort in the fact that we've all survived 5th week without the apocalypse consuming us all and hints at themes for future episodes. Tracks include "Babe" by HyunA, "Thug Ranjha" by Akasa, and "Chị ngả em nâng" by Bích Phương.
Today we're joined by Jin-Gyu Chang in a post-Valentines episode all about ~love~! We discuss stereotypes about Asians in relationships and how Western media has historically fetishised "Asian-ness" as an exotic quality. Tracks include "SUGA SWEET" by Faky, "Twit" by Hwa Sa, and "無誠勿愛" by 831.
New co-host Jin-Gyu joins us once again for another music episode! We also have some of our first ever requests! Tracks include "Balang Araw" by I Belong to the Zoo, "Hewgeso" by BewhY, and "Binbou nante ki ni shinai" by KOHH.
A solo episode today with calm music appropriate for packing and the long drive home. Chika (heavily sleep-deprived) makes several mistakes and is generally a bit all over the place in a friendly and befitting of 8th week episode.


In the first episode of Season 2, Chika and Jin-Gyu discuss the history of protest in Korea and India, touching on topics such as the Kwangju Massacre and the murder of Jessica Lal. Music includes "Give Me Some Sunshine" by Suraj Jagan, "Mulan" by Lexie Liu, and "Don't Worry" from Reply 1988.
Our first music episode of the term! A chill episode perfect for working on that week 1 essay and those initial problem sheets. Tracks include "Yes No Maybe" by Suzy, "Flashlight" by chillaxe, and "Jampi" by Hael Husaini.
Today we're joined by Josh Kim, a visiting student from Korea! We talk about his experience as a first-generation immigrant before launching into a discussion about the Korean music industry: the good, the bad, and BTS! Tracks include "for lovers who hesitate" by Jannabi, "Make it Right" by BTS, and "Goodbye" by Park Hyo Shin, and we're treated to a LIVE cover of Paul Kim's "Rain"!
A solo episode, since Jin-Gyu is away on a fieldtrip. Join Chika for 90 minutes of freestyle rambling! Tracks include "OK" by bewhy ft. Gray, "だから僕は音楽を辞めた" by ヨルシカ, and "All Izz Well" from 3 Idiots.