Sleep Sounds

Looking for something to stick on in the background with great quality music that embodies relaxation? Look no further. SLEEP SOUNDS is a weekly hour-long show that collates a bunch of brilliant chilled out music to be a fitting companion for any activity. Want to just sit and doss around? Working late in the Library? Going for a stress-busting stroll? SLEEP SOUNDS will be the perfect companion.

Emperor's New Grooves

Your new music show. Every week we round up what's exciting and whats not, from indie to dance to hip-hop, and play the records you need to know


Every Wednesday, tune in for two hours of leftfield dance from the Footnote residents, running the gamut of our tastes, from house and techno to jungle and ukg, stopping off via blissful ambience, punch -drunk drums, don't-call-it-disco, industrial sleaze and much, much more.

From Bebop to Hip-Hop

A weekly jazz show playing everything from bebop to hip-hop, spanning jazz, funk, R&B, grime and neo-soul sounds. Catch the show on Mondays at 6-7pm.


Shimmy away those post-weekend blues with Latin beats and Spanish tunes. Oxford’s favourite Spaniard and wannabe Colombiana (did she mention her year abroad?) bring you Castanettes, Oxide radio’s new Sunday eve show.


“Jazz is the mother of hip hop” - Robert Glasper

Throughout its long and ongoing development, hip hop’s great producers have looked backwards to jazz for inspiration. The defining musical genres of their time, they have an undeniable and dynamic connection. In a new show for Oxide, ‘From Davis to Dilla’ attempts to track this relationship through the eyes of the most obvious element of this connection: the sample. From Coltrane inspiring Q-Tip, through to Nina Simone inspiring Kanye West, tune in for an exploration of a musical relationship that continues to push the boundaries of music forward.


Whether you're mid-essay crisis, back from the club or just burning the midnight oil, the Redeye Rock Show will keep you up with a selection of rock, metal and blues to get you through the early hours of the morning. If you're a newbie or a dedicated metalhead, the Redeye Rock Show will keep you headbanging through the night.


Here to steal your daylight saving is Daylight Robbery. Middle your Saturday right with verbal-based sparring and joke humour, along with freshest new hits from a range of genres including but not limited to indie, rock, post-jazz, future jungle house-hop, urgent pop, cumin and wasp.

OUDS News Writing Festival 2018

Listen to The Important Things, written by Tom Fisher - the winning entry from the 'Best New Play For Voices' category at the OUDS New Writing Festival 2018.


Alternative Facts

Alternative Facts is a weekly discussion show combining news, politics ,and alternative music, with a healthy dose of satire. Sometimes the only way to make sense of the world around you is to ridicule it. 


The First Count is a current affairs show which brings you the latest news up the General Election on June 8th. Presenter Theo Davies-Lewis speaks to world leading academics, journalists and Oxford students about the latest developments in the campaign, and how it affects university students. The weekly podcast is produced to inform and educate about the most pressing matters as they emerge: from examining the role of the media in elections to discussing the current state of student politics, The First Count is an Oxford student's best source for the latest news in the political scene at a local and national level.

The Oxford Imps

The renowned and critically acclaimed Oxford Imps provide us with 40 minutes of recorded (but still improvised) comedy genius. Make sure you're not listening in the library because *SPOILERS* it might make you LAUGH OUT LOUD.

EDU | Mixes

No frills, just good electronic music. Mostly Electronic Music showcases tracks that evoke a reaction and want to be remembered. Each mix examines a subgenre or theme, but is not afraid to explore outside of it. Mixed by Eduardo Beattie.