OUDS News Writing Festival 2018

Listen to The Important Things, written by Tom Fisher - the winning entry from the 'Best New Play For Voices' category at the OUDS New Writing Festival 2018.


Alternative Facts

Alternative Facts is a weekly discussion show combining news, politics ,and alternative music, with a healthy dose of satire. Sometimes the only way to make sense of the world around you is to ridicule it. 


The First Count is a current affairs show which brings you the latest news up the General Election on June 8th. Presenter Theo Davies-Lewis speaks to world leading academics, journalists and Oxford students about the latest developments in the campaign, and how it affects university students. The weekly podcast is produced to inform and educate about the most pressing matters as they emerge: from examining the role of the media in elections to discussing the current state of student politics, The First Count is an Oxford student's best source for the latest news in the political scene at a local and national level.

The Oxford Imps

The renowned and critically acclaimed Oxford Imps provide us with 40 minutes of recorded (but still improvised) comedy genius. Make sure you're not listening in the library because *SPOILERS* it might make you LAUGH OUT LOUD.

EDU | Mixes

No frills, just good electronic music. Mostly Electronic Music showcases tracks that evoke a reaction and want to be remembered. Each mix examines a subgenre or theme, but is not afraid to explore outside of it. Mixed by Eduardo Beattie.