All Creatures Great and Small

Tuesdays 19:00-19:30

A weekly dose of the weird, wonderful and wild. We'll be interviewing some of Oxford's foremost academics about their favourite animals (and plants) to find out what makes them tick.

The Amazing Spiderwoman - Spiders with Beth Mortimer

Many people have strong opinions on spiders, either believing they're spooky creepy crawlies or having fond memories of them from the children's book "Charlotte's Web". This week we speak to our very own Spiderwoman, Beth Mortimer who studies spider web vibration. We discuss the wonders of the web, the potential applications of their silk, and whether people's fear of spiders is misplaced.

“One Man’s Weed is Another Man’s Euphorbia” - Euphorbia with Timothy Walker

Often, people are put off the study of plants at an early age, but not Timothy Walker - the four time Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winner studied Botany at the University of Oxford and is here to discuss his favourite group of plants, Euphorbia. Timothy gives us an insight into gardening, the effects of climate change on flora, and why so many people prefer learning about animals rather than plants.

Live Fast Die Young- The Trinidadian Guppy with Tim Coulson

The first episode of All Creatures Great and Small stars the Trinidadian guppy: a very small stream-dwelling fish that is perfect for studying how ecology and evolution, two fields of biology, can be very much linked. The charismatic Tim Coulson answers questions on working with these guppies and how studying them continues to surprise scientists.