illustrative diagram to explain how incredibly forward thinking this show is

illustrative diagram to explain how incredibly forward thinking this show is

Ahead of the Curve

Tuesdays 20:00 - 21:00

Jake Shapter leads you through and hour of various unorthodox tracks he’s been in to of late. Varying from avant-garde, out-there, boundary-shifting, barely definable music to familiar-sounding tunes that put a new take on the already well-established, both classic and contemporary, these artists and genres may well become regarded as big stars or iconic movements. Jake likes to think so but it’s really only him trying to make himself look cool and cultured.

jake makes his staircase chum alex react to various styles of noise music, which he had never heard of before this episode. he didn't really enjoy it that much .

no spotify playlist because noise music is just that obscure, videos shown to Alex on the show to the right

the third episode in which jake explores pop music that ain't actually that popular. oh god it's all come falling down.

featured in playlist image: kero kero bonito.

jake guides you through a series of electronic tracks which due to a complete lack of episode planning were only decided on during the show. wonderful.

featured in playlist image: jacques. as the macintosh plus and machine girl songs aren’t on spotify i’ve stuck in appropriate replacements.

the first and therefore probably worst episode of ahead of the curve, the most pretentious new show on oxide! yay! to start with jake has simply played an eclectic mix of various tunes from various people. the lack of experience in amateur radio really shows through in this thrilling instalment, with a reverb issue that continues until half-way through the second song when jake figures out how to solve it using his trusty handbook, as well as constant stuttering and awkward conversation wedged haphazardly between every track. listeners will also notice an uncomfortably long pause before the third song, as jake failed to push the right slider on the mixing board to allow the audio to broadcast correctly. whoopsie.

featured in playlist image: lightning bolt